We bring the technical knowledge,
experience and resourcefulness.
Happy Maphaha
Chief Executive Officer


Assembly Points Trading and Projects is owned by Mr. Happy Maphaha, who owns 100% interest in the company. Mr Happy Maphaha is a black man who had no franchise prior to 1994 and therefore, this company has a 100% HDI status in terms of Black Economic Empowerment and the Preferential Procurement Policy Act.

We at the Assembly Points Traiding and Projects are commited in rendering the best services and delivering outstanding quality goods to our valuable clients and customers to ensure value for money. We want to earn reputation in the business world and show high level of respect to our clients and customers.


  • To make Assembly Points Trading and Projects the number one and highly preferred company in the country.
  • To achieve an initial gross profit margin of at least 45%, and contributing 10% of its annual profits to the charity organizations;
  • Provide employment to the local youth, women and persons with disabilities; and ensure quality skills and development and
  • Establish branches in all Provinces of this country.


Assembly Points Trading and Projects is dedicated in :-

  • Providing services that combine quality with value for money;
  • Establish a successful partnership with customers, employees, suppliers that respect the interests and goals of each party.
  • Constantly striving to supply what the customer is asking for, promote Government Polices of Black Economic Empowerment and  Affirmative Action.


Assembly Points Trading and Projects started its operations with great goals it wants to achieve within the next coming 2 years. To ensure that we deliver the best quality goods and services to our customers, we believe that we must;-

  • Employ and develop competent employees with excellent customer handling skills, who will portray the image of the company
  • Create a face to face communication with our customers (be active service provider and conduct customer survey) by visiting our     customers on regular basis to establish their areas of dissatisfaction ad satisfaction. Because our aim is to improve our service, we will be more interested in dissatisfaction.
  • Prompt delivery of quality goods and best services.
  • Work with our customers on a personal level as opposed to the ‘what’s your customer number?’ mentality.
  • Provide post-delivery service and advice to our customers.
  • Treat all our customers with the respect they deserve, (Apply the principle that says “the Customer is always a king”).


  • We are currently having a contract for electrical maintenance with public works , statistics sa , water affairs , post office, offering , plumbing , air-con and refrigeration , building construction services.
  • The community is also our major client

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