From high-end retail construction to intricate museums and office space, we have the experienced construction teams and techniques to help you meet your goals. We combine an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of construction with a unique sensitivity to the programming and function of your facility while minimizing the effects of construction so your operations stay on track.

Assembly points (Constructions & Plant Hire) was established in 2010 to primarily focus on developing a service delivery company that operates in the specialised areas of construction, renovating, altering houses and office parks, commercial buildings and governmental structures, repairs and maintenance, cleaning , Stationaries and furniture supplies, both for the private and the public sector in South Africa.

Assembly points takes pride in having a young black  as the managing director of the company and is hundred percent black owned.

The senior executive acquired extensive and valuable experience as well as the skills to operate in the industry, having worked with leading construction companies in South Africa.


At Assembly points, we are determined to deliver the best service at all times in order to attain a vision of the most preferred service provided in all our chosen fields.


we state in our mission to provide our clients with reliable and quality service through qualified skilled personnel. Our primary goal is to target industrial, commercial and property development. Assembly points and Projects strives to create work and to uplift individuals in the community by sustainable development.

Key Objectives

  • To make Assembly Points Trading and Projects the number one and highly preferred company in the country.
  • To achieve an initial gross profit margin of at least 45%, and contributing 10% of its annual profits to the charity organizations;
  • Provide employment to the local youth, women and persons with disabilities; and ensure quality skills and development and
  • Establish branches in all Provinces of this country.

Service Offerings

Roads and Earthworks

  • Site Clearing
  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Storm water Drainage
  • Subsurface Drainage Systems
  • Layerworks
  • Surfacing
  • Roads Signs, etc.

Road Rehabilitation

  • In situ Recycling of Layers
  • Roadmarking and Road Studs
  • Storm water Drainage
  • Subsurface Drainage Systems
  • Layerworks
  • Surfacing
  • Roads Signs, etc.

Road Surfacing Premix, Chip & Spray, Slurry Seals

  • Surfacing – Prime & Asphalt
  • Surfacing – Chip & Spray
  • Stabilising Layerworks with cement/lime and Bitumen etc.
  • Concrete Work
    • Bridges
    • Pump Stations
    • Retaining Walls
    • Concrete Side Drains in Roads • Concrete Culverts
    • Groynes in Harbours, etc.

    Crushing of Aggregate

    • For Concrete
    • Road stone
    • Gabion Stone
    • Pioneer Rock
    • For Subsurface Drains
    • Crusher Dust, etc.

    Infrastructure Projects

    • Storm Water Drainage
    • Sewer Reticulation
    • Water Reticulation
    • Cable Ducts
    • Roads
    • Street Lighting
    • Pump Stations, etc.

    n etc.

Concrete Rehabilitation

  • Bridge repair (repairing concrete and reinforcing)
  • Concrete Road (repairing damaged road sections), etc.

Water Retainer Structures

  • Dam Walls
  • Water Sumps
  • Treatment Plant
  • etc.

Plant Hire (Equipment)

  • Hire of equipment to meet the requirements of the customer
  • Site Clearance
  • Assistance to civil contractors
  • Rubble removal
  • Transportation of equipment between sites

Plant Hire

Assembly Points experienced management team is on hand to provide advice and assistance to all customers in an effort to establish the most cost effective and efficient method of completing any proposed project.

Services include

  • Hire of equipment to meet the requirements of the customer
  • Site Clearance
  • Assistance to civil contractors
  • Rubble removal
  • Transportation of equipment between sites

Quarrying & Crushing

Our quarrying and crushing division was established in 2010 to fill an ever growing need for the recycling of waste building material and the need for consistent aggregates in numerous situations.

Services include

  • Hire of crushing and screening equipment
  • Crushing and screening of materials on customer’s sites with mobile equipment.
  • Contract work for specific projects.


Earthworks & Civils

This division is a high service provider of Bulk Earthworks and Civil Work to the property development sector. Our areas of expertise include:

Services include

  • Super Basements.
  • Bulk Earthworks and Platforms.
  • Sport field levelling and drainage
  • Parking Areas and Road Entrances
  • Stormwater, Water and Sewer lines
  • Rehabilitation of landfill sites.
  • Retaining walls structures.
  • Demolition of small buildings and clearance of sites


We have numerous contacts and associates with quarry and crushing equipment, and licensed builder’s rubble disposal site. The disposal sites are open from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 17:00 to receive builders’ rubble.

Our Equipment

  • Articulated Dump Trucks
  • Excavators
  • Graders
  • Low Beds
  • Rollers
  • Site Dumpers
  • Skidsteers
  • Telehandlers
  • Tippers
  • Tractor, Loader, Backhoe
  • Water Carts
  • Wheel Loaders
  • Crushers
  • Double and Triple Deck Screens

Our Development Experience

  • Mixed-use Development
  • Multi-family Residential Complexes
  • Class A Office Buildings
  • Corporate Interiors
  • Specialty Retail Buildings
  • Banking
  • Museums
  • Performing Arts Centres
  • Public Safety Facilities
  • Government Facilities

Construction Cleaning Services

We ensure that all of your expectations are met by consulting with you to gain an understanding of the exact site specifications which are then passed on to our cleaning team. We have a team of highly-trained and skilled employees that specialise in construction cleaning for the building industry. We understand the importance of safety. Our cleaners adhere strictly to quality standards, and Occupational Health and Safety is held to be paramount throughout.

Our construction cleaning services include:

  • Pre-build cleans– Many sites require cleaning to a safe and hygienic standard before building works can commence
  • Builders’ cleans– Builders’ cleans are the most common construction cleans; they serve to extract the dust and rubbish that has accumulated during the building process from the entire site (most builders’ cleans are undertaken during the closing stages of the build, prior to hand-over to the owner)
  • Final cleans– After a builders’ clean has been undertaken, the decision is often made for a final clean to be carried out; a final clean of the building project means it will to be ready for people to move in to the premises

Maintenance cleans – On larger building projects (those lasting months or even years), an ongoing cleaning program of builders’ and final cleans to completed areas of the project is often the best plan of action.

Unique Approach

As one of our primary goals, the determination to satisfy our customer’s needs in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. Our experienced staff members are able to assess proposed contracts or sites thoroughly and advise our customers on the most economical and time efficient manner in which to complete the necessary work. It is with pride that we ensure that all of our customers get far more than “hired equipment” – sound advice based on our vast experience is included with any rental or contract. It is all directed towards completing the work in the most cost effective manner.

Environmental Issues

We are acutely aware that development leaves behind it a large carbon footprint. We adhere strictly to all regulations relating to environmental issues, as set out by the Local Council and the Department of Environmental Affairs. An environmental consultant is appointed on each site to assist with any issues that may arise.

Safety & Health

Our key strategic objective is the achievement of “zero harm”. Site Foremen and management ensure that safety is not compromised in any circumstances by taking responsibility for employee safety, leading by example, encouraging positive safety behaviour and discouraging negative behaviour. Site Foremen apply a policy of zero tolerance to non-compliance with safety standards. The company undergoes regular Safety Audits. Cases of occupational and non occupational disease are referred to external facilities. No pre-employment testing for HIV is undertaken and all HIV testing and counselling is undertaken voluntarily. Employees who are HIV positive are encouraged to participate in the wellness programmes available through various local clinics.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Assembly Points Group takes its responsibility as a corporate citizen seriously, endeavouring to ensure that all its activities have a positive impact on the communities in which it works and from which many of its employees are drawn. It aims to be a facilitator of social development and encourages meaningful and sustainable interventions, always in partnership with local communities and often in partnership with other donors. This partnership encourages support from governmental agencies, NGO’s and Community Based Organisations, making a positive contribution to poverty alleviation, community development and enabling government to facilitate improved service delivery and local economic development. It places specific emphasis on black youth, HIV/Aids, senior citizens and people living with disabilities.

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