As a customer-focused company,  we have developed a market-leading range of security services in South Africa and the flexibility to tailoring these to the needs of each individual client.

Our tailored manned guarding solutions have been specifically designed for the Construction, Commercial and Corporate sectors. Here, we provide highly visible and extremely effective physical deterrents to protect client premises against theft, damage and other serious incidents. In addition, we have a unique ability to react to and resolve issues in real time.

We supply a range of security services throughout South Africa, which include protective, physical and electronic security services incorporating design, installation, maintenance and monitoring.

We are an innovative company committed to the provision of security services to its South African clients. We are one of few corporations worldwide dedicated to supplying security services for the protection of people and property.

Our head office is located in Pretoria with offices in Mpumalanga and other major provinces in the country.


At Assembly points, we are determined to deliver the best service at all times in order to attain a vision of the most preferred service provided in all our chosen fields.


  • To become a recognized and reputable first tier protection and security company with a significant market share in the security industry.

Key Objectives

  • To make Assembly Points Trading and Projects the number one and highly preferred company in the country.
  • To achieve an initial gross profit margin of at least 45%, and contributing 10% of its annual profits to the charity organizations;
  • Provide employment to the local youth, women and persons with disabilities; and ensure quality skills and development and
  • Establish branches in all Provinces of this country.


Access Control

The major benefit of implementing an Access Control System is that it restricts unauthorized access. Many businesses are now implementing access control on their front door; others are including it on doors leading to the Computer Room, Cash Room, Research and Development and so on.

If you wish to restrict access into any particular area, Access Control is a consideration for you. In addition to this, you can still alarm a sensitive area until such time as an authorized person enters and disarms the security system in that area.

Alarm Installation, Monitoring and Response

We advise and assist in implementing physical security protection that is appropriate to your level of risk. We offer a range of traditional and contemporary security aids and systems for individuals, companies and events which are non-intrusive yet totally effective.

Other systems include;

  • Lock and Key systems
  • Security lighting
  • Access control systems
  • CCTV and digital recording
  • Electric fences
  • Safes and vaults

Building Security System

Building Security Systems are designed to detect unauthorized persons entering your premises. The system is designed so that when the premises do go into alarm, the internal and external sirens will be activated and alert the intruder that the mobile security patrol officer or owner are on their way.

It is well known that a business with an alarm system is less likely to be burgled than the business that does not have a building security system.

CCTV Installation

A well-designed CCTV system can assist any business in the following areas:

  • Reduction in theft by staff
  • Reduction in theft by customers
  • Help reduce the likelihood of Armed or Syringe Hold-up
  • Assist in the areas of Occupational Health and Safety

Physical Security Guards

The provision of uniformed security guards (for permanent or temporary assignments) has been the hallmark of Assembly points security, since it was founded in 2010.

Our security guards have experience in a broad range of security guarding services and environments, including; control rooms, events, concierge services, gatehouse duties, patrols and access control.

We measure the quality of service we provide to our clients via quantitative and qualitative performance metrics, that include staff retention and morale, client satisfaction, as well as numerous other operational site specific performance measures.

We provide this information to our clients, to enable them to assess how their site is performing, and provide them with evidence of how the security function is performing.

Our guards performance are monitored through our :

  • Automated patrol register
  • Automated Visitor checklist
  • Automated post check

Through our comprehensive transition in process, our guard force is integrated with the culture and strategy of the client.

Mobile Patrols

Our mobile patrols oversee the security of government buildings, banks, locations with highly valuable items, residential communities, high-profile events and other situations requiring round the clock security.

Our fleet of vehicles all contain GPS for tracking of our performance, which also enables us to provide our clients with detailed reports on their security patrols.  Mobile patrol officers are called to respond to alarms and duress systems, and can hold keys to enable internal security checks, or conduct external alarm responses.

Our response times are measured daily to ensure speed of response; both for individual patrol officers and ourselves as a company.  We report on our response times to our clients so that they can rest assured knowing that if their alarm is activated our patrol officers will attend their site straight away.

Secured Transport

We  provide total cash management solutions to a large number of customers in both the private and public sectors.  The services we provide include:

  • Counting and processing of cash
  • Client banking
  • Collection from parking ticket machines and client sites
  • Full reporting of all transactions

Electric Fences

We provide our clients with extensive and detailed reports tailored to their needs. These reports allow our clients to effectively manage the revenue collection process.

Electric fences are probably the most under utilized security device available to relevant businesses today. If your property has assets or stores your customer’s assets, and you cannot afford to have them stolen or receive malicious damage, then an Electric Fence is the option for you to consider.

If your objective is to stop any potential intruder from crossing the perimeter fence, we can assist you in designing a total security package including the electric fence that will greatly improve your total security position.

CPP (Close Personal Protection)

Our staff includes highly skilled personnel, experienced in the realm of personal protection both domestically and overseas. We can provide you, your executives or key clients with a well-planned protection scheme for implementation during local or international travel.

Be it a public figure, entertainer or rock group, We can supply the expertise to evaluate the individual security requirements of an itinerary and the locations, further to this we will carry out a detailed threat assessment.

  • Discreet personal security
  • Advice on travel itineraries
  • Covert protection operations
  • Trained Chauffeur drivers – motorcade & evasion techniques
  • High profile protection
  • Personal safety briefings and training
  • Risk evaluation and assessment
  • Liaison with local authorities.

Alarm Systems

Hard wired or wireless; with a variety of detection devices to choose from, we will install the system that provides the most appropriate security measures.

Most business premises have access control systems linked in with their alarm system. We can design a system that will grow with the needs of the business, while providing a robust solution for today.


Alarm systems range from simple local alarms right up to full building management systems that incorporate other facilities such as heating and lighting.

CCTV Systems

We design CCTV security systems to meet the individual needs of each client.  With thousands of different cameras available on the market, it is crucial that the right products are selected for optimal results.  We have the expertise and product knowledge to install a tailored system that produces sufficient footage and coverage.

As a third party security installer National Protective Services is not affiliated with any specific brands. We will assess your current situation, and recommend a system appropriate for your needs and budget.

Risk assessment & Vulnerability Surveys

Through our highly trained personnel, we are able to perform complex security risk assessments of company buildings and grounds. We offer expertise assistance in identifying areas of vulnerability and makes recommendations for improvement compatible with the needs of the customer. A detailed written report, including images, is provided upon completion of each assignment.

We are fully skilled and experienced in providing consulting, intelligence gathering, and operational support to organisations and individuals nationwide

Security Consultancy

We can assist you in the planning and implementation of security services within your office, factory, retail outlet or home. As your consultant, we will advise on the most appropriate and cost-efficient security tools available to meet your pre-determined budget and timeframe.

In our increasingly litigious society, businesses face a high degree of risk from many sides. Advent offers risk management advice to address and reduce the risks faced by your business, in areas such as;

  • Security project management
  • Risk assessment and
  • Advice on risk treatments
  • T4 accredited
  • Major event pre-planning & execution
  • Armed robbery prevention and awareness training.

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